NextGenMicrofluidics was featured in the new BNN QUARTERLY (October 2022) with an article about NGM’s & MIH‘s experience at the OITB Village at INDTech2022 in Grenoble in June.

Enjoy reading!

NGM @ BNN Newsletter (December 2020)

NextGenMicrofluidics got featured in the new BNN newsletter (pages 36-37) in December 2020. The article is about “Competitively priced method for the production of diagnostic chips” by JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

Interview with micro resist technology @ Cluster Optik & Photonik (German)

Our partner micro resist technology GmbH was interviewed for the current cluster newsletter for optical technologies and microsystem technology. They talk about their research projects in the field of microfluidics and especially the NextGenMicrofluidics project.