What We Offer
We develop and produce customized
microfluidic lab-on-a-foil systems.

NextGenMicrofluidics will implement technologies and services that allow maximal adaptability to a vast majority of potential customer inquiries in microfluidics.

Simulation Based Design
We design the optimal structures for your microfluidic system.
Assay Development
We develop biochemical and molecular assays for your specific requirements.
We deposit and immobilize your (bio)functional material in your lab-on-a-foil.
Material Development
We develop resins, functional inks or selective membranes for your microfluidic system.
Mastering of Structures
We prototype your required 3D-structures and complex nanopatterns on a large scale.
Chip Production
We offer unique roll-to-roll based production processes for continuous high throughput manufacturing of your microfluidic consumables.
Complete process integration

We offer the complete value chain required for the development and production of microfluidic lab-on-a-foil systems ranging from simulation based design, through material development and bio functionalization to production as well as quality assurance.