Our activities
temicon provides a Rapid Prototyping process, which allows the fast realization of microfluidic chips from design to prototyping to large-format tools. Furthermore, temicon develops and fabricates film-based microstructures, which are used for photonic sensors within lab-on-a-foil solutions.

temicon is a global technology leader and series producer of micro- and nanostructured films, components and functional surfaces. Our products are key components in lighting and optical systems, displays and life science products. Photolithography, electroforming, injection molding and roll nanoimprint are the key technologies for volume production.

The main part of temicon is the Rapid Prototyping process. In this process temicon applies its expertise in the development of advanced coating processes for large areas (up to 20”x24”) to reach a high throughput of microfluidic chips. Furthermore, temicon develops new processes for increasing the photoresist coating thickness from 50 μm (state of the art) up to 250 μm and works on alternative types of flexible stamps for the roll-to-roll manufacturing (R2R) to reduce the tooling costs during the prototyping phase. As soon as the final microfluidic design is validated by prototype tests, temicon transfers the master design to a durable metallic copy, which will be used for the high-throughput R2R production of microfluidic chips. The aim is to develop an electroplating process for deep structures and high aspect ratios of up to 1 for larger shim sizes (600 x 300 mm2). For future series production the new technologies can be transferred to temicons R2R-machine, that enables the production of a 1050 mm wide structured film.