Our activities
RESCOLL is involved in the implementation of the roll-to-roll microfluidics device. A protective hard-coating will protect some part of the device in order to increase its lifetime.

RESCOLL is a French SME located in the south-west of France. Its activities are dedicated to materials and process development on polymers, adhesives and coating and their characterization.

A three-dimensional microfluidics structure is obtained by using micro-molding UV- assist or micro-array techniques. These techniques will be implemented in a roll-to-roll fabrication machine within Nextgen microfluidics project. The mold and shim needed to obtain such structure are submitted to high wear during fabrication process. In order to increase their lifetime, they need to be protected.

RESCOLL had developed a coating with enhanced protective properties:

  • Resistance to abrasion.
  • Anti-adherence.
  • Resistance to ageing.

This coating will be applied on the molds and shims that are used and designed during the project.

RESCOLL main tasks will be to:

  • Synthesize the hard-coating varnish up to 20L Batch.
  • Ensure coating deposition on the structure.
  • Validate the integrity of the structure after coating deposition.
  • Characterize and validate the coating protective properties upon microfluidics ship fabrication.
  • Implement the protective coating on the different demo-case.

In the end, by using this protective hard-coating, RESCOLL objectives is to improve mold and shim resistance by 30% and by achieving more than 600m of in line ship fabrication without any detrimental impact.