Our activities
NST is contributing the sensor development for bioprocess monitoring by defining the requirements for the sensors from the user side. Testing and validation of sensors is also part of our role in the project.

Naturstoff-Technik GmbH is a German SME with 40 years of experience in drying and encapsulation technologies , e.g. for the application of enzymes and bacteria in food, biotechnology and for daily use articles. As contract manufacturer, NST develops and produces new products for their clients. The company has several sophisticated technologies and processes (solid state fermentation, spray drying, fluidised bed technology and micro encapsulation equipment, stirring reactors up to 500 liters, etc.) as well as access to laboratories for chemical analysis.

NST is defining possible test cases in the field of bioprocess monitoring within their daily business. Definition of requirements of the microfluidic system to be developed from the user’s view constitutes the start of the sensor development for bioprocess monitoring. Our company will be testing the system and give an early request for system optimisation.

Furthermore, on-site tests under industrial conditions will ensure the demonstration of the NGM sensor’s applicability for internal quality assurance within the defined bioprocesses.