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micro resist technology GmbH is responsible for material development and up-scaling and assists the required mastering within the NGM-Project.

We are a leading company in the development and production of innovative photoresists, polymers and photopolymers as well as complementary process chemicals for lithographic manufacturing processes in micro- and nanostructuring. Our products are used in key technologies and growth markets such as microsystems technology, microelectronics, optoelectronics, micro- and nanophotonics, micro- and nanotechnology as well as the life sciences. We face up to our customers’ demands for technology solutions and materials that will also meet future generations through sustainability. The success of micro resist technology GmbH is driven the commitment and profound know-how of our employees who develop, produce and market the innovative products and services.

MRT is involved in a multitude of activities within the project to develop an infrastructure for the fabrication of foil-based microfluidics. Building on the experience from former R2RBiofluidics EU-H2020 project, MRT supplies the partners at JOR with solvent-free and UV-curable formulations to fabricate microfluidic devices as well as transparent materials for optical applications. The main tasks of MRT are trifold in the project. The first target is the extension of the manufacturing volume via formulation up-scaling from lab volumes to suitable volumes in order to match industrial needs during pilot-line manufacturing. The up-scaling procedure follows the stringent quality control system, ensured by continuous measurement of processing parameters and final physico-chemical product characteristics. The second task is the development of new formulations for new and upcoming applications via material adjustment or specific tailoring. Material parameters for such specific tailoring can be for instance refractive index adoption, increase of adhesion and cohesion, ensuring low auto-fluorescence, viscosity adjustment, enhancing the curing speed, or lowering the separation force. The third task of MRT deals with the fabrication of the required polymer masters. This mastering is based on our long year experience with standard photo-lithography and grey-scale lithography and will be optimized for the desired pattern.