Our activities
Micronit main tasks are the assistance in manufacturable design and product development of microfluidic devices and back-end processing. This includes R2R-enabled cutting and singulation as well as interfacing, integration, bonding and assembly of microfluidic components.

Micronit specializes in micro- and nanotechnologies. We produce lab-on-a-chip products for our customers, who are most active in the life sciences and medical field. Our chips are used worldwide for DNA analysis and medical testing. Our core business is to add value to a chip.

Micronit provides solutions for back-end processing of microfluidic devices starting from initial concepts and designs up to high-volume manufacturing. Our expertise covers wide variety of materials, including glass, silicon, polymer, and hybrids. In the NextGenMicrofluidics project we are focusing on integration and processing of foils and processes such as singulation, cutting, interfacing, bonding, assembly, and quality control. We are specialising in cleanroom microfabrication and high-tech quality manufacturing. Micronit is also taking an active part in supporting the design and development of R2R-enabled demonstrators and new products within the biomedical and life sciences research fields.