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R2R upscaling partner in respect to replication in thermoplastics.

Inmold A/S, an R&D company, develops smart process adaptations for established high-throughput fabrication methods, such as injection moulding and R2R replication. Our developed processes allow us to create new revolutionary products suitable for several fields of application.

Our previously established R2R- based high throughput replication platform will be applied to fabricate demo-case relevant microfluidic patterns in thermoplastic film. The excellence of our platform relies on the replication of microfluidics in thermoplastics at production speeds of several meters per minute. Process developments during the project duration will allow us to provide homogeneous patterned (film) substrates with thicknesses in the range of hundreds of micrometers, which is highly competitive to existing injection moulding processes. Additionally, the process will be adopted to produce high aspect ratio structures in a single polymer layer. The resulting films consisting of pure Polystyrene (PS), Cyclic Olefine Copolymer (COC) and other thermoplastics are especially interesting for life science and sensor applications. Integration of high-speed inline quality control will allow for monitoring of the replication quality during production, enabling fine adjustment of process parameters