Our activities
Microchips will be provided to project partners to enable realisation of smart diagnose cards and cartridges, directly powered, operated and read-out by NFC enabled smart phones. Application specific Software, Firmware and Hardware will be developed and fabricated to facilitate integration of the microchips into the smart diagnose systems.

Infineon Technologies Austria AG is a 100% subsidiary of Infineon Technology AG that is a worldwide acting company with over 40.000 employees. Infineon Technologies Austria AG, with headquarter in Villach, develops and manufactures semiconductors and systems solutions for automotive and industrial electronics, and security & RFID solutions. Around 4.200 employees based throughout Austria help to ensure that Infineon consistently sets the pace in the field of microelectronics. Infineon Austria operates development centres in Villach, Graz and Linz.

A pre-existing Microchip Prototype with integrated NFC interface, ARM microcontroller, FLASH memory and potentiostatic interface needs to be adapted for perfect fit to the selected use case. Firmware for the ARM microcontroller needs to be developed for appropriate processing of the sensor data acquisition and of the data storage and the transfer of measurement data to the smart phone. A demo App Software will be developed for measurement data visualisation on various smart phones. Test- and Demonstration Hardware, based on PCBs, will be developed and constructed to enable System Verification and Performance Evaluation in different System Set Ups with simple plug in / plug off possibility of different types of components like NFC Antennas and Sensors and with a programming interface for the Microchip.

The Microchip will be provided in different Hardware (Backend) configurations, depending on the foreseen usage. For example, it can be delivered in small quantities inside ceramic packages for very easy handling e.g. on the Test- and Demo Hardware and it can be delivered in higher quantity in small plastic packages for SMD soldering or as bare (optionally bumped) dies for flip chip mounting.