Our activities
Condensia will realize an UV imprint resins for manufacturing of nano enable surface (NES) and nano-enabled membranes (NEMs) using renewable raw materials.

Condensia Química, S.A. is a Spanish company founded in 1975 employs 21 people and produced additives for polymers, rubbers, cosmetic, lubricants and polyurethanes.

Condensia R&D department is involved in the preparation of additives for Demo Case 2 and 6. Particularly, COQ will prepare a series of prepolymer resins functionalized in manner to be photocurable. COQ will develop biodegradable resins based on oligomers of lactic acid (fully biodegradable and obtained from natural sources) that are curable under UV light by using acrylic reactive end groups. These resins should be compatible with R2R UV202fNIL structuring and with the biochemical components of the periodontitis detection assay, upscale the resin production to liters scale and implementation of QA processes ensure constant quality and traceability of the product.  Moreover, the expertise of COQ will permit to offer additive adequate to modify the mechanical and thermal properties of the final substrates based on PLA or other polymers. All the activities of R&D and scaling up will be held in the Condensia premises.