Our activities
bionic surface technologies GmbH is the simulation and design partner for all microfluidic devices in all application fields of the project.

bionic surface technologies GmbH is a research and development company based in Graz, Austria. Thanks to a high-performance data center and the many years of experience and know-how of around twenty employees, it is one of the leading and globally operating companies regarding Riblets, Computational Fluid Dynamics and testing.

bionic surface technologies GmbH is the simulation and design partner in the NGM project and involved in the development and standardization of individual components. Thanks to many years of work with microstructures, such as Riblets, our engineers at bionic surface technologies have extensive expertise and know-how in general fluid mechanics and within the behavior of microfluidics.

We are responsible for both design and simulation using CAD, CFD and multiphysic simulation (flow, diffusion, heat transfer and reaction kinetics) of microfluidic flows in all sectors of this project.
In addition, we are also co-responsible for the standardization of the simulation process for microfluidic components and development of a standardized background library to speed up future sensor development. Our expertise helps to understand the functionality of new microfluidic designs. Furthermore, we optimize and redesign the existing designs.

Thanks to our high-performance computation and data center, we are within the largest companies in Austria in terms of Computational Fluid Dynamics – this fact allows us particularly detailed simulations of all necessary fluidic components for the demonstrators mentioned.