Our activities
BiFlow develops a novel Lab-on-a-Chip for RNA-based SARS-CoV-2 detection as well as for food safety applications. In addition, the company works on upscaling of microfluidic manufacturing technologies and shortening microfluidic design cycles.

BiFlow Systems GmbH has developed technologies to integrate even complex assays into small, self-contained cartridges which can be used at the point-of-need. The cartridges contain integrated micropumps, reagent storage capabilites and may be even equipped with integrated heating functionalities.

Together with a strong team of partners, within project BiFlow Systems works in two major application areas: food safety monitoring and molecular COVID-19 diagnostics. Furthermore, BiFlow will contribute with its expertise in microfluidic design, assembly and manufacturing. A key focus will be on a dramatically reducing the design cycle time of highly-integrated microfluidic cartridges, as well as new technological approaches leading to significant cost reduction.

The microfluidic technology platform used and being further developed involves integrated electrochemical micropumps which allow all necessary liquid handling steps to be carried out directly on the disposable cartridge. With the help of integrated heaters,  assay steps such as integrated nucleic acid amplification and hybridiziation are also possible.